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Clear solutions to a mold free environment


 EnviroClear is an eco-friendly company implementing an organic, pet and human safe mold removal process at a lower cost. 


EnviroClear uses the latest technology and equipment combined with non-toxic, organic environment friendly solutions to safely and effectively remove harmful contaminants from your environment.





Do you think you have a mold problem? 
Check for these common signs to determine:

Musty odor 

High humidity

Discoloration on surfaces

Irritated skin, allergies and respiratory problems


Call EnviroClear for your free consultation

EnviroClear guarantees professional service and  results

at an affordable cost


Allow us to bring you

a clearer and cleaner environment

for healthier living


EnviroClear | Clear solutions to mold free environment


Our process utilizes the latest technology to accurately determine moisture and humidity levels in both the air and on surfaces 


Be Clear. Be Healthy. 




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